Practiced worldwide, Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling is one of the oldest sport on the planet and has been an Olympic recognised sport since 1896. Greco-Roman wrestlers use only their upper bodies and arms while Freestyle wrestlers can use any part of their body.

The fighters wrestle on a mat and the bout lasting for two rounds of three minutes each. To win, a wrestler must hold down both shoulders of his opponent to the mat for one second, after which the match is won. In technical jargon, winning is achieved by technical pin, decision, default or disqualification.

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The difference between Freestyle and Greco-Roman Wrestling

Freestyle allows for attacks, using the lower extremities and focusing on shooting for the legs, grape vining and pinning. Whereas Greco-Roman wrestling emphasizes on throwing, slamming, lifting and pinning.

There is a very specific points system used in Freestyle Wrestling which includes takedowns, reversals, exposure, penalty as well as out of bounds. To win a match in Freestyle Wrestling includes victory by pin, technical pin, judge's’ decision, default or disqualification and even by a ten-point difference. Freestyle Wrestling is based on destroying the balance of an opponent through tackles, and features fast attacking and defensive moves.

While in Greco-Roman wrestling, participants are required to use their upper bodies to execute a variety of different moves to pin their opponent and/or score points in order to win the fight.

The objective of Greco-Roman Wrestling is to defeat the opponent over three rounds (two minutes each round) using a variety of upper-body techniques.The match ends when there is an eight-point difference.

Greco-Roman Wrestling involves lots of dynamic skills, such as throws using the upper body, and is fascinating for its raw power. Bouts can often remain in the balance until the final seconds, when a wrestler may take advantage of a tiny opening and skilfully execute a spectacular throw and technical fall to win the contest.

Benefits of Wrestling

While there are obvious health and fitness benefits of Wrestling, as well the popularity of the sport, there are many other reasons one should take it up, especially if you’re keen on MMA. Here’s some reasons why:

  • Mental Strength. Remaining focused is a key factor to Wrestling. You’ll need to work and expose your opponent to win a fight, and that requires a lot of mental strength which you’ll be learning when practicing.
  • Fitness. Using your whole body to pin an opponent takes a lot of strength and fitness. Classes usually combine technique and conditioning to make sure you’re fight ready when the time arises.
  • Flexibility. Limbering up for a Wrestling session is very important, and it becoming a regular thing, it’ll boost your overall muscle strength and prevent future injuries.
  • Stress. Apart from the physical benefits of wrestling, there is a lot of psychological ones too. A good workout relieves a lot of stress!
  • Fun. You’ll meet other like-minded students at Monarchy MMA classes, and even though it might feel like punishment at time, you’ll still have a good laugh.

Our wrestling program is lead by our Iranian Coach Mehdi Bagheri who has many years of experience in wrestling. Mehdi began training in wrestling at the age of 8 in his home country of Iran and was also on the Iranian National Grappling Team before joining us at Monarchy MMA.