Producing some of the most famous athletes in history, boxing is a very popular combat sport that’s been around for many years.

In the modern version of the sport, two evenly matched fighters go head to head attempting to land as many punches on their opponents upper body and head, while at the same time defending against their opponent’s strikes.

The fighters usually wear padded gloves for protection, and in amateur fights, they might also wear head-gear. The rounds are usually three minutes long, and the match consists anywhere between three to twelve rounds.

Being one of the more popular starting platforms in martial arts, boxing is quite prominent at Monarchy MMA. We have a well developed team of amateurs and professional fighters, and the classes are beneficial for every skill level!

At Monarchy MMA we have 19 Boxing sessions across all 3 branches including 1 beginner's class and 1 advanced sparring session. 

History of Boxing

Dating back thousands of years, boxing first became an official sport of the Olympiad in 688BCE, but there’s evidence of fist-fighting contests existing as far back as the Sumerians of 3000BCE.

Ancient greeks were however the first to put rules to tboxing. There was no rounds, no time-limit, and the only way the fight would end was when one of the opponents admitted defeat by holding up a finger.

Known for being a very brutal sport, the Greek fighters wore padded gloves for practice only, whereas the Romans, who boxed in the Gladiatorial arenas were often using leather gloves with metal spikes sewn in, known as caestus, for maximum damage as their only means of victory in the arena was death.

With the fall of the Roman Empire, boxing as entertainment became a part of history, until the bare-knuckle era erupted in England in the late 16th century. Illegal fights were common where the boxers took home winnings and spectators wagered on the fighters. And as it became more popular, rules and regulations were set and boxing evolved, in a very short timespan considering it origins, into the sport we know today.


Benefits of Boxing

Boxing requires a lot of strength, speed, stamina, agility and coordination. If you’re looking to get into shape, lose some weight, or want to become a professional boxer, here’s a bunch of reasons why boxing will help.

  • Cardio. Boxing requires full body movement, and a one-hour session works into every muscle in your body, even the ones you didn’t know existed. This will help achieve your weight goals and get you fitter!
  • Core. Punching bags and other students requires a lot of core strength and stamina. Luckily most classes will include exercises in between all the punching to make sure you’re fight fit in no time!
  • Stress. Apart from the physical benefits of boxing, there is a lot of psychological ones too. A good workout relieves a lot of stress, and don’t forget you get to punch things!
  • Discipline. As with many martial arts, you’ll learn discipline. Whether it’s from sticking to your routine or achieving your goals within your training, discipline plays a major role in boxing.
  • Fun. Not only will you get to have fun punching things, but you’ll meet other like-minded students at Monarchy MMA classes, and even though it might feel like punishment at time, you’ll still have a good laugh.