Strength, Power and Mindset

MMA - Mixed Maratial Arts is a very popular sport where two opponents fight in a cage using striking, takedown and ground fighting. It is the most professional and advanced for of Martial Arts, but Monarchy MMA has succesfully adapted it's classes to suit beginners.

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Muscle Strength. Grip. Endurance

A form of wrestling that teaches to submit and control your opponent without striking them. Very fun and efficient, extremely popular in the proffesional fighter world. This class is also suitable for self-defense purposes.

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Chokeholds. Locks. Submissions

A Gi is the official uniform of Brazilian Jiu-Jiutsu. The No-Gi class is grappling without the Gi. You just need a t-shit and some shorts!

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Muay Thai

‘The Art Of Eight Limbs’

An attacking for of Martial Arts originating from Thailand. It will help you learn how to strike your opponent and to defend yourself in a dangerous situation.

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Strength. Speed. Reflex. Endurance.

A sport which only utilises the upper body (hand punches) to strike the opponent. It is widely known as "The Noble Art". It is one of more popular starting platforms for beginners to get into the world of Martial Arts.

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Self Defense

Real Life Defense. Adaptability.

Krav Maga is a self defense system which goes into detail with a wide range of practicalk and easy-to-use techniques for any situation. This is a valuable know-how in our moderns and violent world.

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Strength & Conditioning

Movement. Endurance. Body Toning.

A fitness class based on various circuits and cardio exercises using only the body weight (based on H.I.I.T and Cross-Fit systems). This class is perfectly suitable for weight-loss and muscle building.

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Focus. Health. Invigorated Energy.

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