Krav Maga P1 Testing Day

It's time to level up!

Krav Maga Global students can be tested and level up with KMG. Ranks are represented by badges, certificates and kept in accordance with a KMG Passport. Climbing from Practitioner level to level does require a minimum half a year of regular training before a student is recommended to take an exam. 

KMG Civilian ranking is divided into 18 levels:

Practitioner 1-5

Graduate 1-5

Expert 1-5

Master 1-3

This month, we will be organizing our first Krav Maga Global Testing Day for our first batch of Monarchy MMA Krav Maga students.

P1 level techniques will be practiced during the day & the test that the students will be taking the P1 grading at the end of the day while the techniques are still fresh in their heads.

Students that are not ready to test for P1 can also attend the day to gain more experience of P1 techniques. These students will take the P1 test at a later date when they are ready to take their 1st grading.

Students that pass their P1 grading will receive the following:

Samples: For illustration purposes only

  1. KMG P1 Certificate - Students receive a certificate for each level they pass.

  2. KMG Passport - Students will receive a KMG passport when they pass their P1 exam. This passport will stay with them for life and each time they pass a level grading or attend a seminar, their passport will be signed by the qualified KMG instructor.

  3. KMG P1 Badge - Students can attach their badges to their training gear to show what grade level they are.

On the day we will cover all entry level P1 techniques, this would also benefit students who are thinking of getting into Krav Maga.


  1. Stances & fighting stances.

  2. Chokes from the front.

  3. How to deliver varied punches, hammer fists, elbows, & hooks.

  4. Front & Back Kicks.

  5. Knees kicks.

  6. Outside & Inside Defences.

  7. Front Kick Defences.

  8. Release from chokes on the ground.

  9. Dealing with Falls.

  10. Defence whilst on the ground.

  11. Getting up from the ground.

  12. Combinations using learnt attacks.

  13. Returning attacker - Defend/Attack/Defend.

If a student takes the exam and passes, we will need to charge them 110 ringgit each to cover my costs for the passport, badge, certificate, & shipping. Like I said the passport is a one off cost when taking the 1st grade. Each level after they would only need to cover the cost of badges and certificates

If you have been a regular practitioner of our Krav Maga classes under Instructor Darren Mac or Instructor Finlay Beaton, do ask them if you are ready! Dont forget, even if you are not, you will still be able to participate in the P1 techniques refresher course. 

For more information on our Krav Maga classes, dont hesitate to contact us!