Don Carlo-Clauss

Visiting Grappling Instructor

The Don of Bali (MMA) will be coming to Monarchy MMA to conduct a grappling seminar! 

Find out more about Don!

Don Calo-Clauss started with Wrestling at 12 years old and did that competitively until he was 22. From 1998-2002. He competed at NCAA Division 1 level for the University of Virginia as a scholarship athlete. After graduating he spent a few years coaching wrestling and eventually discovered MMA and had his first professional fight in 2007. He  has a professional MMA record of 10 wins & 7 losses with appearances on Strikeforce & Bellator. He officially retired in 2014 and has been Head Wrestling & MMA coach at Bali MMA since it’s opening in August 2014. He was also awarded the rank of black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu by Professor Reinaldo Ribeiro in 2019. 

He is one of the original owners & founders of Bali MMA and currently serves as Director. He is also Head Wrestling & MMA coach from 2014 til present day. 


We asked Don his thoughts on the Asian Grappling and MMA scene, this is what he said:

"The grappling scene in Asia is very good. There’s lots of great instructors to learn from and regular competition if you’re willing to travel a little bit. I see Southeast Asia really embracing both Jiu Jitsu and mma and the level is constantly rising. I really enjoy coaching/training/working at Bali MMA because I love the people & the culture they have created. The atmosphere is always very positive and the people are friendly and helpful. Bali truly is an island paradise and it just makes a great environment for martial artists to grow and develop," 

What can we expect from Don's Grappling seminar?

For his seminar the focus will be on some wrestling positions that are very common on bjj and hopefully everyone will be able to add some new tricks to their game.

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Thursday, December 5, 2019 - 18:00 to 20:00

Don Carlo-Clauss is a Wrestling Coach and Head MMA coach over at Bali MMA and he'll be conducting a seminar with us!


City Centre Branch