Boxing Program

Working Up The Counters

We have recently restructured our Boxing program; available for both adults and kids! These Boxing classes are lead by our qualified coaches from the Philippines; Coach Jerald Tepora and Coach Jimmy Paypa JR. Rest assured, some extra effort went into searching for them! Samir, owner of Monarchy MMA travelled to the Philippines based on high recommendation to meet them.   

Jimmy Paypa is a former WBO Champion and is very experienced. His record as an amateur is 16 wins and 1 loss and as a pro 19 wins, 6 losses & 1 draw. You can find extensive information about him on Google and his record is stated on BoxRec the most legit boxing reference website!


Photo Credit: Ryan Songalia Source

Coach Jerald Tepora is known for being the Boxing coach of his younger brother, Jhack Tepora who is a WBC World Champion.

Coach Jerald with his brother Jhack Tepora


Coach Jerald Tepora was also acquired to be apart of Pro Boxer and World Champion Tomoki Kameda’s coaching staff to help prepare him for his interim World Boxing Council World Super Bantam Title fight against Abigail Medina back in Nov 2018.  

Coach Jerald with World Champion Tomoki Kameda

Coach Jerald even coached his son from the age of 6 for 4 years before he started competing at the age of 10 year. His son currently has an amateur record of 10-2. Apart from his own son, Coach Jerald coach about a dozen children around the same age, all with impeccable records for such a young age!  



We currently have 19 Boxing classes available everyday throughout all 3 branches for adults including a beginners class at Mont Kiara at 4PM and an advanced sparring session on Saturday at 1.30PM. We also have 3 Monarchy Kids Boxing classes available throughout the week. 

Our 1:30 PM Saturday session in Bangsar is a more advanced session which is sparring oriented. This session is the only session during which both Boxing Coaches will be present:

After a general warm up, Coach Jimmy will be supervising specific sparring in the group class area, (ie: jab only sparring, only cross right sparring vs only counter left hook sparring, etc) and Coach Jerald will be supervising the free sparring in the boxing ring.

It will be a rotation base from the students going from specific towards the ring as the round goes.

Once you’re a regular in our Boxing classes learning the basics, it’s time to advance and move up to working on combinations. 

Striking is the most overlooked aspect of martial arts. While the idea of throwing punches onto a punching bag is a fairly easy concept while the bag does not hit back, it gets challenging when you spar and have full contact with another person.  

The jab is often cited as the catalyst to devastating combinations, while a good stiff jab can make a difference between winning and losing (a fine example is Muhammad Ali throughout his early career), a jab, much like any weapon in the vast arsenal of a martial artist can be timed as well as countered. If you’ve been experiencing days where you keep eating jabs and want to work on preventing an advance, this is the article for you as we delve into a few concepts to counter the jab.

1) Parries and Blocks Drill

Timing is everything in martial arts. While this may not be a counter (more like a counter move), it does open a variety of options for a counter-attack. If you have a partner (A) who will only be throwing a single jab at differing speeds for the entirety of the round (slower at first, faster as timing and confidence builds up), you (B) should be working defensively to learn timing, while this may be a very basic concept, work on the speed as well as articulating and understanding the implications (and consequences) of your window of opportunity versus your partner and the split second your partner is vulnerable to a counter-attack

2) Angling Off The CenterLine

When both martial artists are in stance, an invisible line exists between them, while the trajectory and reach of strikes such as kicks and punches vary, the commonality of all these strikes is the target (i.e. You). Angling off uses the concept of expectations to make an opponent open a window of opportunity as well as mess with timing. Use with caution as angling off may sometimes leave you open to while hooks and kicks. Angling off is useful if you want to reset your timing as well as punishing (if you’re fast enough) a person who commits to the jab.

3) Cross Counter

“A good offence is a good defense”and this counter-attack to employ while your partner commits to a jab is a right cross down the pipe (left cross for Southpaws) has often ended fights in the blink of an eye, so use with caution, while partner (A) throws a jab, you (B) should be able to get the timing and estimate the distance, as the jab comes, throw the cross down the centerline to either the body or the head. Follow up combinations are very much recommended.

4) Slip and Rip

Slightly similar to Concept #1, the difference is slipping into the inside and ripping the body with combinations, a tight guard and good head movement on the inside is imperative to scoring big with this concept. Keeping your guard tight keeps you safe from counter punches on the inside.

These are just some concepts you’ll be learning in our Boxing program. If you want to learn more and improve on your reactions, combos and defense, then come for our full contact advanced sparring session every Saturday 1:30 PM at Bangsar Branch.

If you are a beginner, we have an excellent beginner’s program for adults with Coach Jimmy Paypa Junior over at Mont Kiara branch, Sundays at 4 PM.