Golden Warrior Fight Championship

The Golden Fight Night held in K-One Academy, Penang on 9th September 2017


Penang based MMA promotion Golden Warriors FC will be holding their 2nd show on the 9th of September at the K-ONE MMA Academy in Penang. Titled "The Golden Fight", their press conference and weigh ins will be held at MMALL(020) New Wing, Penang on the 8th of September at 2 pm.

The return of The Alligator

Agilan Thani waving his arm to show gratitude for the cheering crowd in One Championship at Indoor Stadium Singapore, 26th May 2017


9th October 2015, Monarchy MMA Director Samir Mrabet (on the right) cornering Agilan Thani (on the left) during One Championship, Stadium Putra, Kuala Lumpur

Germain Yeap: from banking career to living the martial arts dream

Germaine Yeap is no joke! If you are from Malaysia, chances are high that you’ve seen or heard of her before. Besides being a Muay Thai fighter and instructor at Monarchy MMA, she’s the queen of pranks.

In the most famous, from Maxman TV, she enters a Muay Thai gym playing the nerdy unsporty girl and ends up beating up every single trainer that attempts to fight her. The video has had over 25 million views and if you haven’t seen it yet take a look!