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Ludovic Parreira No Gi Seminar

Ludovic Parreira is no stranger to Monarchy MMA or Grappling. He visited us in 2014 and again in 2016 for a No Gi and Luta Livre seminar. Now, he is back! Parreira is a No Gi BJJ pioneer in the south of France. He is Head coach at the GP Sports Miramas Gym in Miramas, France which he also founded in 2008. He is also an avid Vipassana yoga practitioner and loves animals - one of the reasons why he is a vegan (since 2012!). 


Muay Thai Pad Holding

With the increase of students in our Muay Thai classes, it has not been an easy feat teaching Muay Thai techniques and pad holding at the same time. Pad holding is an integral part of our Muay Thai classes as a learning tool in practicing techniques and combinations. It is also the closest aspect to sparring or a real fight. Samir Mrabet, our founder noticed that the overall quality of our Muay Thai classes could potentially be better through the acquired skills of pad holding of our own students.

International Masters Asia and Tokyo Open

Earlier this year, our Brazilian Jiujitsu team traveled to the Philippines to compete at the Manila Open organised the International Brazilian Jiujitsu Federation.

11 of them successfully brought home a medal each and some, brought home 2! This time round, our Monarchy BJJ Team of 9 repeated the same achievement at the International Masters Asia and Tokyo Open hosted by IBJJF just last month.

10 Questions With Hussain Jan Turi

Our resident Pakistani fighter Hussain recently went through a tough battle against Dhiaaul Amal for the Octagon Fighting Championship Finals on the 22nd of June 2019. Having won the belt despite losing to Amal via Armbar during the early stages of the tournament, Hussain was able to muster a performance against Amal. We sat down with Hussain and got to know the first OFC champion and his take on his entire martial arts journey. 

Monarchy MMA Past Achievements

Professor Bruninho and his proud student Shaqueme Rock

Our athletes once again have made us proud with a plethora of achievements in four different disciplines, MMA, Brazillian Jiujitsu, Muay Thai, and Boxing. The Monarchy family has shown time and time again that we are a cut above the rest and the past two months have been no different.

Just recently at ASJJF Asian Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament 2017 in September, we bagged a massive haul of 22 medals with 10 of them being Gold. 

Golden Warrior Fight Championship

The Golden Fight Night held in K-One Academy, Penang on 9th September 2017


Penang based MMA promotion Golden Warriors FC will be holding their 2nd show on the 9th of September at the K-ONE MMA Academy in Penang. Titled "The Golden Fight", their press conference and weigh ins will be held at MMALL(020) New Wing, Penang on the 8th of September at 2 pm.

The return of The Alligator

Agilan Thani waving his arm to show gratitude for the cheering crowd in One Championship at Indoor Stadium Singapore, 26th May 2017


9th October 2015, Monarchy MMA Director Samir Mrabet (on the right) cornering Agilan Thani (on the left) during One Championship, Stadium Putra, Kuala Lumpur