Muay Thai Pad Holding

With the increase of students in our Muay Thai classes, it has not been an easy feat teaching Muay Thai techniques and pad holding at the same time. Pad holding is an integral part of our Muay Thai classes as a learning tool in practicing techniques and combinations. It is also the closest aspect to sparring or a real fight. Samir Mrabet, our founder noticed that the overall quality of our Muay Thai classes could potentially be better through the acquired skills of pad holding of our own students.

Conditioning For Martial Arts

At Monarchy MMA, we offer a complete range of different approaches from martial arts to strength and conditioning to help people attain their goals. Whether it is a healthier lifestyle for the casual gym goers, fitness junkie to the competitive stresses of competition, we believe in offering a complete range of approaches to help you reach the next level.

With that being said, our focus in this article is explaining the benefits of our customized strength and conditioning program.