Mont Kiara Schedule 2020

Please be informed that we are currently using a temporary schedule due to the current Covid-19 situation.


The Monarchy MMA Bangsar branch offers a world class training facility for all members!

This branch is open on most Public Holidays, following Sunday's class schedule depending on the holiday.

  • 9 Kids classes to choose from throughout the week at this branch in Muay Thai, Boxing, BJJ and Wrestling!

In addition, choose from our Adult Group classes available throughout the week! 

  • 6 Brazilian Jiujitsu sessions, 1 Beginners class, 1 No Gi session 
  • 6 Boxing sessions 
  • 6 Muay Thai sessions, 1 Beginners class
  • 3 Strength & Conditioning sessions
  • 1 Wrestling sessions
  • 2 Krav Maga sessions

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