Samir Noury Mrabet


Samir has been involve with Martial Arts since 14 years old starting with Judo which quickly took him onto Boxing in 2000 where his love for Mixed Martial Arts expanded.

Gaining honors for many disciplines including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), Boxing, MMA and Muay Thai. He started training BJJ under Professor Bruno Predras and over the years, Samir is a BJJ black belt training under Professor Bruno Bruninho Barbosa where he regularly competes BJJ in tournaments around the world, most recently in Brazil.

Samir is committed to the sport of MMA with a fight record of 4-0 and was a One Championship fighter.

Samir, Michael and team strives to make Monarchy the best MMA gym in Malaysia and as a result, Monarchy has produced strong, well rounded fighters in the region.