Rocky Browning

United States

Ajarn Rocky is from Nashville Tennessee in the United States and started learning Muay Thai in 1996. The term Ajarn is equivalent to Grand Master in art of Muay Thai. His lineage from Northern Thailand is of the Sidthilaw family that is passed down from generation to generation.

Rocky has since retired from fighting Muay Thai but carried on teaching others to pass on the knowledge that he has learnt for so many years. He believes in focusing on basics in order to grasp advanced techniques easier. His Muay Thai style is based around clinching low kicks and elbows. His martial arts experience includes Jeet Kun Do, Wing Chun, Kali, Eskrima and Modern Arnis. 

Training in Jeet Kun Do changed his perspective in competitive Muay Thai and self defense as its focus is on distance and interception. He has trained numerous amateur champions with at least 15 title belts. He has also worked with UFC fighter Rafaello Oliveira back in the States. Rocky also teaches our Strength & Conditioning classes that include plyometrics, tabata burst cardio and weight training.