Strength & Conditioning

Push yourselves to the limit with our strength and conditioning classes available eight times a week at Kuala Lumpur, Bangsar, and Mont Kiara branch.

Have fun with other members while you guys accomplish short and fast-paced workouts with dumbbells, barbells, battle ropes, and kettlebells.

During these 60-minute sessions, you will be provided with an electrifying and effective High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout by our strength and conditioning coaches Jimmy Paypa, Nizam Jeoffrey, and Zaim Zain.

Strength & conditioning is an often overlooked aspect of martial arts, but it is a wonderful class to pick up, especially on your rest days in between martial arts lessons. These classes will boost your physical shape in a variety of ways, most importantly, building strength which will aid you during your next class.

Benefits of Strength & Conditioning

  • Cardio: With interval training, you reach your anaerobic zone where you’re out of breath quicker because you’re pushing yourself to the limit until the rest period. This has great benefits for your heart and overall fitness levels.
  • Endurance: Boost your level of endurance with just simple one minute exercises. Doing it on a regular basis will drastically increase the length of time you can spend doing regular exercises such as walking, jogging, and cycling.
  • Burn Calories / Weight loss: Just 15 minutes of HIIT training has proven to burn more calories than a one hour jog at normal pace. On top of that, the best thing about it is that your body keeps burning those calories long after you are done with class.
  • Time-efficient: All of us have busy lives and finding the time to train regularly just isn’t a priority. But with HIIT training, you can get a lot more done in much less time!
  • Fun: The constant change in exercise makes the classes easier to endure as opposed to a long and gruelling run on a treadmill.. This is what makes our strength and conditioning classes more enjoyable and fun, something that you most likely will stick to without getting bored.