The Philosophy of Monarchy is headed by the founder Samir Mrabet.

Training in many gyms across the world, growing up and being a part of the Martial Arts world from a very early age, gave him the practical insight to many methods and countless techniques master minded over the years. When arriving to Kuala Lumpur and training in other gyms he did not feel the passion from the instructors nor did he feel the comfort and detail that he was used to from other gyms in the past. Samir took the necessary steps to engage in creating a different type of gym, somewhere with passion, direction and with instructors who had the best experience to pass down onto its clients. He also wanted a gym that people could feel confident, alive and not scared of needing to be a fighter to join.

Monarchy was born with the determination to satisfy a hunger from the friends and people Samir was meeting. The quality of equipment and understanding of what was required came from his knowledge, contacts and experience in this industry. Many people knew that Monarchy could be a success from the very day it began. Samirs passion was evident when clients came to the very first premises. The equipment was raw, surroundings basic but the training methods and techniques invigorated the clients to want more and that joint effort between client and gym made the growth a very realistic option. Moving to the new site in central KL made way for a new style of Martial Arts gym and is now the backbone behind the ever growing expansion plans to other areas in the near future.

……..a story of GROWTH.



  • To build a martial arts business where the owners are themselves martial arts practitioners
  • To teach martial art forms which are practical for competition, self defense, and overall fitness
  • To create an environment where everyone from novice to professional fighter is able to see and achieve personal goals
  • To create a training environment where poor attitudes or arrogance from students and even more importantly from instructors will not be tolerated
  • To ensure that anyone who represents the Monarchy name in competition does so with integrity and respect
  • To create a business model that is sustainable long term
  • To create a sense of community and family among the gym’s membership