6 Traits You Don't Want in a Sparring Partner

In every martial art, sparring is a major component for a martial artist to develop skills and practical knowledge of concepts. By definition, sparring is a type of “free-form” fighting, sparring as a component has enough rules, customs or unofficial agreements to minimize injuries and maximize learning. While drills, exercises and form practice may be performed without a partner, sparring essentially requires a partner for a martial artist to reap the maximum benefit.

Why Spar?

Benefits of boxing sparring sessions explained by coach Khan

Have you been hitting bags and mitts for a bit, have you been sparring gently and finally feel that you know what you are doing at these boxing classes? Whats next, you ask yourself? Pure sparring sessions, says boxing coach at Monarchy MMA Imran Khan.

Boxing sparring is the only way to improve your boxing skills, progress in your martial arts training and be ready to fight.