Mehdi Bagheri


Mehdi is Monarchy’s Chief Wrestling coach, but he also assists in coaching BJJ, and strength and conditioning.

Mehdi began training in wrestling at the age of 8 in his home country of Iran. Before joining Monarchy he was training for the Iran National Grappling  Championship with the Iranian National Grappling Team. In addition to being a Monarchy coach he is also part of the Monarchy Professional fight team.

He has competed in 7 professional MMA professional fights. He also has a BJJ purple belt and is an active BJJ competitor with 15 gold medal finishes, including 1 gold at the ADCC pro division, 2 gold medals at Dumau in Singapore, and a 5th place finish in the BJJ World Championships.

Mehdi brings 20 years of fundamental wrestling experience to Monarchy and how those skills can be incorporated into mixed martial arts combat sports.