If you are looking for the best place to learn wrestling in Kuala Lumpur, Bangsar, and Mont Kiara, look no further.

The world’s oldest competitive sport is available exclusively in Monarchy MMA. Our program is catered to people from different levels, and there are several unique moves in the sport which makes it one of the most useful skills to have for every individual, whether it is on the streets or if you are transitioning into mixed martial arts (MMA).

You will learn how to perform locks, takedowns, suplexes, and the importance of grips by the top wrestling instructor in Malaysia, Mehdi Bagheri.

The Iranian athlete has been plying his trade since the tender age of eight, and now, his goal is to spread the wonderful wrestling lessons he has picked up to enthusiasts based in Malaysia. There are 16 wrestling classes per month in Monarchy MMA and it will cover both forms of the art - Freestyle and Greco-Roman Wrestling. This could just be the right class for YOU.


The difference between Freestyle and Greco-Roman Wrestling

Freestyle wrestling allows for attacks, using the lower extremities and focusing on shooting for the legs, grape vining, and pinning, while Greco-Roman wrestling emphasizes on all throws from holds above the waist.

Besides it, there are very specific points system used in Freestyle Wrestling which includes takedowns, reversals, exposure, penalty as well as out of bounds. A wrestler can win a Freestyle match by way of pin, technical pin, judges’ decision, default, disqualification, or even by a ten-point difference. Additionally, it puts a lot of focus on destroying the balance of an opponent through tackles, speedy attacking and defensive moves.

Unlike Freestyle Wrestling, Greco-Roman Wrestling focuses on using the upper body parts to execute a variety of different moves to secure a victory. The objective of Greco-Roman Wrestling is to defeat the opponent over three rounds (two minutes each round) using a variety of upper-body techniques. The match ends when there is an eight-point difference.

Greco-Roman Wrestling involves lots of dynamic skills, such as throws using the upper body, and is eye-catching for its raw power. Bouts can often remain in the balance until the final seconds, when a wrestler may take advantage of a tiny opening and skilfully execute a spectacular throw and technical fall to win the contest.

Benefits of Wrestling

Similar to most martial arts, the benefits of training wrestling is endless. Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider adding it to your program:

  • Mental Strength: Staying focus is one of the most valuable lessons of wrestling. In order to overcome your opponent, you will need to constantly keep your mind and body focused, which also helps you to stay one step ahead. You’ll need to work and expose your opponent to win a fight, and that requires a lot of mental strength which you will acquire the more you train wrestling.
  • Fitness: Using your whole body to pin an opponent requires a lot of strength and fitness. Moves may look complicated at start, but as you pay attention to Mehdi’s techniques and conditioning methods, you will be on your way towards a fitter you. Not to mention, you will be guaranteed another good sweat in our 60 and 90-minute lessons.
  • Flexibility: Limbering up for a Wrestling session is very important, and once you start doing it more regularly, you will start to feel your muscles and body getting more flexible.
  • Stress: Apart from the physical benefits of wrestling, there is a lot of psychological ones too. A good workout relieves a lot of stress, as you are taught how to overcome challenges, which builds a sense of confidence, perseverance, and determination.
  • Fun: You will meet other like-minded students at Monarchy MMA classes from different backgrounds. Apart from the training, it is a good place and class to meet new friends and rise above your challenges together.