Kids Program

Monarchy Kids Program

At Monarchy MMA, the top martial arts gym in Malaysia, your kids' progress and their safety are our top priority.

Your little ones will be under the watchful eyes of world-class coaches who are prepared to inspire, toughen up, teach, and instill vital moral values from the very first moment they step into the gym.

We want them to turn into the best versions of themselves, feeling like little CHAMPIONS, both physically and mentally.

Your kids can ENJOY:






 18 classes in Brazilian Jiujitsu   

4 classes in Boxing

 4 classes in Wrestling 

  4 classes in Muay Thai


Unlike other much-favored sports in Malaysia, our kids' program equips your loved ones with vital knowledge on and off the mats. Besides that, it develops their athleticism from a young age, creating a great base that will allow them to excel in other physical activities.

Discipline is also instilled upon your kids as sports such as BJJ and wrestling teach them the importance of staying focus, patient and most importantly persistency. For parents who struggle to develop their kid’s toughness and confidence, fear not, as our coaching staff knows how to make the class exciting yet informative.

Martial arts is also proven to help children be more resistant to bullying. Bullying is very common these days, and should your kids get caught up in an unwanted situation in school, martial arts could be the solution to prevent it from reoccurring.

Your children will also develop their cognitive abilities during their classes. Cognitive development is the development of their brain - of how they think and understand things around them. They learn to explore, enhance gross and fine motor skills, problem-solving, and dispositions, hence learning about their environment.

Lastly, we believe that it is important to divide your kids into three separate age groups because they undergo a lot of changes from the time they are three years old, up to the time they hit their teenage years. They pick up things at a different rate as they grow up.

Besides that, taking a step by step approach and transitioning through all three age groups is the PERFECT way for your little ones can learn new skills.

3 – 5-year-olds: Your little ones will start learning how to use their imagery and memory skill while developing their social interaction skills, such as playing and cooperating with other children their own age during classes.

5 - 9-year-olds: During this stage, your kids will be better equipped with the knowledge from their coaches, becoming more aware of external events. Moreover, their bodies and understanding of how each technique and moves happen would be more prevalent.

9 – 12-year-olds: During this final stage, you will notice a significant change in your kids' mental and physical state. This would be the final stage as they prepare to step foot into the adult’s sessions.


Your loved ones will pick up respect, discipline and focus at a rapid pace. They will learn how to show respect to their instructors, training space, and partners. Your little warriors will learn through a series of structured technical movements, teaching them to control their strength and abilities. This also builds and enhances their athleticism and core strength as well as their thought process through the movements needed to execute the techniques they are taught. Martial arts classes are generally a controlled environment creating a safe outlet for excess energy for all kids to learn together and train with each other, building each other’s confidence as they grow together as a group. 


Your kids are bound to learn more than just how to throw a punch in our fun yet challenging kids boxing program. Similar to most martial arts, this discipline benefits your little ones both mentally and physically.

They will also pick up a variety of self-defense skills from our boxing coaches Jerald Tepora and Jimmy Paypa, who ensures your loved ones stay energetic and challenged throughout the process.
Classes typically begin with a short warm-up session before focusing on a couple of footwork drills.

Once your kids are settled down and are much lighter on the feet, the coaches will teach them the various punches, and how to avoid them. As they progress further, they will start picking up new techniques such as combinations and advanced movements.

In short, your little heroes could arrive as a stranger to boxing, but leave as a kid equipped with all the necessary skills to protect themselves at all times.



The traditional striking art from Thailand is one of the most unique and fulfilling exercises a kid can undergo. The sport, known as the “art of eight limbs”, will teach your little ones how to strike using their hands, elbows, knees, and legs.

However, the pace of the class will not be similar to the adults' program we offer in Monarchy MMA. Instead, your kids will experience a much more gentle form of teaching, focusing on coordination to activate their muscle memory and motor skills.

Landing an elbow, or the ability to launch a kick very much centralizes on good form. Under the watchful eyes of coach Zaim Zain, your kids will be able to fine-tune their skills in the “art of eight limbs” in no time at all.



The greatest benefit of wrestling is that it develops your kids’ strength, stamina, sportsmanship, and flexibility.

Monarchy MMA head wrestling instructor Mehdi Bagheri is a perfect testament to that, having started wrestling at the tender age of eight. Now, he is focused to pass on his knowledge to the next generation of superstars - helping your loved ones understand the concept, strategies, tactics, and principles of wrestling.

One of the most obvious traits you will notice among your kids is their ability to handle adversity, because learning how to adapt to difficult situations is an important lesson in this grappling art. Your kids will learn how to grip, gain control on the ground, taking their opponent’s back, placements in pinning, and takedowns.

Ultimately, these drills will assist them to control their strength while they enjoy a delightful grappling session with the other kids.



As your loved ones embark on this beautiful journey, they are guaranteed to embrace Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as a lifestyle rather than a martial art or a pastime. BJJ is a martial art that emphasizes on grappling, ground game, and submission holds.

Practicing the sport teaches your kids the importance of executing a technique that requires specific details, coordination, balance, and discipline. Your kids will learn how to think outside the box, simultaneously improving their body awareness, coordination, flexibility, strength, endurance, and agility.

Monarchy MMA has also introduced BJJ Gi takedown classes for these future champions, available two times a week. All kids will be watched over by three of our BJJ Black Belts who have about 40 years of experience combined.

Professor Bruninho, Arielson, and Vanderlucia are always ready to pass on their knowledge, develop your kids’ interest in BJJ, and improve their character on and off the mats. Expect your little ones to improve their social skills and fitness levels, while rolling and training with similar aged kids.

Besides that, your little champions will be separated into three age groups so that they will have a coach who can give them 100 percent attention all the time.

ALL classes are conducted in a SAFE environment.