Why Spar?

Benefits of boxing sparring sessions explained by coach Khan

Have you been hitting bags and mitts for a bit, have you been sparring gently and finally feel that you know what you are doing at these boxing classes? Whats next, you ask yourself? Pure sparring sessions, says boxing coach at Monarchy MMA Imran Khan.

Boxing sparring is the only way to improve your boxing skills, progress in your martial arts training and be ready to fight.

Over the last month some of Monarchy MMA students have been getting invitations from coach Khan to join special Saturday morning classes boxing sparring sessions. Every Saturday at 10 am a group of selected students is gathered at Monarchy MMA branch at Jalan Raja Chulan to kick off the weekend with a hardcore boxing and conditioning session. The rules are set: show up on time, bring running shoes, have a mouth guard and 16 oz gloves with you. The gym can provide you with the head gear.

5 Reasons to spar from Imran Khan

Reason 1: test to progress

After learning the sweet science of punching for several months, it will become obvious, that you advance to a stage, where you can progress only by testing your skills against another opponent. Remember, BAGS DO NOT HIT BACK!

Reason 2: be on the same page

Value your time! When coming to sparring sessions, you progress quickly because your coach makes sure, that only people who know what they are doing attend a class. Maybe you feel cool next to a beginner, who is learning how to jab, but how about someone who started martial arts classes about 6 months ago?

Reason 3: All eyes on you

With beginners excluded from the class (sorry guys), you have undivided coaches attention. He is now concentrated on your sparring technique and no longer worried about beginners getting all boxing basics right. Aren’t you lucky?

Reason 4: get a taste of the action

The chances are, you coach has been there and done it. He fought his battles, he knows how it feels and he will encourage you to go harder. During sparring sessions you do not have to hold back (but remember to not go 100% either, you are not trying to knock your friend out).

Reason 5: safety first

Sparring sessions are supervised by certified coaches. The challenge for coaches is to find that balance between giving students an opportunity to feel the thrill of a fight and keeping them safe at all times. Safety during boxing sparring is ensured by certain rules: everyone who comes to our Saturday Sparring Sessions is required to have a mouth guard, headgear and 16 oz gloves. Mouth guards help minimize the risk of broken teeth and injuries to your face. The head gear is a touchy subject in the boxing world at the moment, with Olympics removing head gear and study showing that head gear is not that effective in stopping concussions. I’m not 100 percent sure about that, but I know that headgear helps with avoiding black eyes, cuts, lumps and bruises during training. A thud to the head will always be a thud to the head, but head gear will help to minimize cosmetic damage.