The return of The Alligator

The Alligator Agilan Thani has return to One Championship on the 18th August 2017

Agilan Thani waving his arm to show gratitude for the cheering crowd in One Championship at Indoor Stadium Singapore, 26th May 2017


9th October 2015, Monarchy MMA Director Samir Mrabet (on the right) cornering Agilan Thani (on the left) during One Championship, Stadium Putra, Kuala Lumpur


Agilan Thani : Through his coach's eyes

Monarchy's MMA fighter, 22-year-old Agilan Thani has come a long way since I met him for the first time at the gym 3 years ago. Upon asking Monarchy's head honcho Samir "Flexible" Mrabet for a prospect that he would like to represent the gym in the video, he pointed me to Agilan.


"Lots of people will come in through the front door saying they want to fight, especially the week after a big show like One Championship. And you know how it is when u get submitted 30 times on day 1.... Two ways to react: run away or stay. We all stayed but we had something else to live for. Agilan had a dream, stayed and worked hard. His focus was the key," Samir on why he chose Agilan for the filming 3 years ago.


Staying focused

In 2014, I remember Agilan as a very strong and formidable young fighter who choked me out with a guillotine in 13 seconds. Now the Malaysian is one of the top welterweights in One Championship and a well-known personality in his country. According to Samir, despite the attention, fame has not distracted Agilan's focus on his career.


"It is the focus of the athlete that is key. There are so many ways to go wrong and only a few go to the right way. Most athletes after one win think they are super stars and need 5-star treatments. Others gained a bit of fame and get lost. Agilan didn't t lose focus with fame," Samir explained.


10th Febuary 2017, Agilan Thani won his Welterweight Tittle agaisnt his opponent Jeff Huang , One Championship, Stadium Negara, Malaysia


Maturing as a fighter

"When he first came to the gym he thought it was all about being tough and having heart. Now I can see that Agilan have a more intellectual and scientific approach to fighting." Samir stated confidently.

Having more responsibilities on Samir's hands have set him apart from Agilan's training schedule. Yet, it is clear that Samir has been a big influence in Agilan's growth as a fighter.

"He has looked after me since day 1 even though he doesn't coach me as much now. He still gives me the important pointers, tips, technique not only in training but also in life You can say he is like a big brother that's always been there for me", Agilan attested

Agilan Thani upcoming match against Sherif Mohamed at ONE CHAMPIONSHIP, Stadium Merdeka, 18th August 2017

Looking forward

Agilan will be facing Egyptian Sherif Mohamad this weekend, 18th August on One Championship in the Stadium Negara Kuala Lumpur. He will want to get back in the winning column after failing to claim the strap from the current welterweight champion, Ben Askren in his last outing in Singapore. Samir is confident that Agilan is more than ready to have his arms raised in the cage.

"Agilan will win by 1st round rear naked choke", Samir boldly predicted.


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