No Gi Charity Seminars

Learning martial arts will not only change your body throughout the course of  training but also your mindset through the core values taught and practiced within each martial art. We believe a strong foundation creates a strong mindset. We were recently given the opportunity to make a difference with some of the students from Ideas Academy. Ideas Academy is a local academy founded in 2014 and located in Pudu - a secondary education provider for Refugees, stateless and the underprivileged and believes in education for all and is designed to foster a community of compassionate, inclusive, and global thinking individuals. 



Education holds the key to global citizenship, which is something that no one regardless of background, race or economic situation should be denied. Their primary aim is that every child between ages 12- 18 should gain a strong secondary educational foundation to become responsible, confident and compassionate citizens of tomorrow. 

Their mission is to “unlock human potential when it matters most.”

Similarly, it is what we strive for ourselves in learning martial arts. 

We wanted to help with the opportunity for self improvement and self development through the values of martial arts. We sponsored some of their students with memberships and so far, they have been joining our Krav Maga classes at our City Centre branch. From what we can tell, they have been enjoying learning martial arts. However, they are only joining our Krav Maga class mainly, because they do not have the material to train in other classes. We would like for them to be able to join other classes as well and we need your help to change that. Therefore, we would like to gather some preloved training gear such as boxing gloves or gis for them. In exchange, we will be organising 2 No Gi seminars that will be open to the public.  

If you would like to join the seminars here’s how you can contribute; if you are a Monarchy member, the seminar is free! But we would appreciate any contribution of materials such as preloved gis or gloves and similar materials for training. If you are not a Monarchy member and you would like to join our seminar or simply make a donation, you may do so by donating preloved gis and or training gear or you may make a minimum donation of RM150 in cash. While we would appreciate cash contributions, we would really much prefer to collect materials instead. All materials, items and proceeds collected will be directed to the students at Ideas Academy. Our gi producer has also made a donation of a dozen gi pants for them! 

Our No Gi Seminar details: 

Dimitrios Tsitus 

24th March (Monday)  8PM-10PM Bangsar Branch


Jon Tutaj 

15th March (Sunday) 4PM-5:30PM Bangsar Branch

More on our visiting black belts:

Dimitrios is a 2nd degree black belt from Greece and has visited Monarchy in 2013. Dimitrios is one half of BJJ NoMad. It combines different ideas from reality TV to educational videos and BJJ.

Dimitrios is involved in a lot of charity in the past. One of his very first goals he focused on were in isolated places and developing countries; such as Madagascar where he, together with some local friends set up some charity Jiu-Jitsu projects. 


February 2011

“While invited to teach BJJ in Swaziland I got the opportunity to be involved with some local NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) helping orphan kids. This beautiful country has amongst the highest global rates of HIV and tuberculosis. A tragic situation that affects kids a lot too…,” Dimitrios

About Jon Tutaj: 

Jon Tutaj is a former Engineer who made the switch to BJJ for less money and improvement in lifestyle. He opened his own BJJ Academy in Forest Park, Illinois, United States. He is also Head Instructor at his own academy; Tutaj Brazilian Jiujitsu. He is a 1st Degree black belt with 23 years of mat experience. He has an incredibly impressive competitive record of 310 Wrestling and BJJ / No Gi competition matches combined!

Championships Won:

2x World Gracie Championships (Arnolds)

1x Gracie Nationals

4x C3


7x US Grappling

4x IBJJF Chicago Open

1x Extreme Grappling Open

1x Combat Corner Grappling Championship

1x ADCC Nationals

Placed 3rd at the Pan American Championships


Jon Tutaj with his wins

Interested in coming for our seminars or even just donating preloved gear and gis? 

Let Us Know!

Additionally, we organised a charity drive over Christmas last year for the Shalom Education Centre where we collected generous donations from members. Over the years we have been sending them preloved gears and gis and even a punching bag. Early this year we were able to donate mattresses, beds.

 If you would like to personally reach out to the schools, click;

Shalom Education Centre

Ideas Academy