Muay Thai Pad Holding

We've added a new class!

With the increase of students in our Muay Thai classes, it has not been an easy feat teaching Muay Thai techniques and pad holding at the same time. Pad holding is an integral part of our Muay Thai classes as a learning tool in practicing techniques and combinations. It is also the closest aspect to sparring or a real fight. Samir Mrabet, our founder noticed that the overall quality of our Muay Thai classes could potentially be better through the acquired skills of pad holding of our own students. Therefore, we will be holding a monthly class specific for Muay Thai pad holding. With this addition, we hope to see our students have a better grasp on pad holding and its importance. Ultimately, raising the quality of the group classes.

Our monthly pad holding class will be led by our Muay Thai and Head MMA coach Kru Conrado Furlan. Kru Conrado, is a certified instructor under the USMTA “United States Muay Thai Association”. Kru Conrado brings with him years of experience not only as an instructor but as a Pro Muay Thai fighter as well. 


Kru Conrado - Muay Thai & Head MMA Instructor

This once a month class for Muay Thai pad holding is open to all levels. The level of fluency is only acquired through experience and practice.

The main emphasis of the class is learning to be an efficient pad holder for your partner you are paired up with during training. 


This first upcoming pad holding class will focus on:

  • Jab
  • Double jab
  • Cross
  • Teep
  • Rear push kick
  • Knees
  • Clinch lock

Pad holders are an essential part of a student’s development in learning Muay Thai techniques. You are not only holding pads, but you are also helping in developing for better technique, stamina, accuracy and power. It is the pad holder’s responsibility to provide a good target for the striker. While holding pads, you will learn how to manage distance as you would in learning Muay Thai techniques. In a roundhouse kick, it is most efficient when the shin is used. However, having a poor distance gage could potentially hurt your partner’s limb for example or even yourself. Learning to absorb the shots properly and safely is also another important aspect of pad holding. If the pad holder does not offer a proper target with proper tension the striker can over extend their punch and injure the shoulder or elbow joints.



The goal of pad holding is to simulate those of fighting conditions for the person throwing strikes and help the striker in catching strikes. It is important to flow with your partner while increasing the intensity to develop their skills and conditioning.  

This pad holding class will take place every 3rd Saturday of the month at Monarchy Bangsar branch, 2PM - 3PM but is limited to 14 people. 

However, if there is a need, we will possibly move the class to an earlier time at our City Centre branch to accommodate everyone.

Book your slot at any one of our counters, for our first Muay Thai Pad Holding class taking place  on the 19th October at our Bangsar branch! 

Dont forget, this class is limited to the first 14 people!