Monarchy MMA Past Achievements

Our Fighters achievement for the past 2 months

Professor Bruninho and his proud student Shaqueme Rock

Our athletes once again have made us proud with a plethora of achievements in four different disciplines, MMA, Brazillian Jiujitsu, Muay Thai, and Boxing. The Monarchy family has shown time and time again that we are a cut above the rest and the past two months have been no different.

Just recently at ASJJF Asian Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament 2017 in September, we bagged a massive haul of 22 medals with 10 of them being Gold. 


Once again, the man of the hour is none other than Shaqueme Rock aka "Shem" who bagged 4 gold medals in the event. On top of that, a month before he competed in MMA and defeated Ernest Tang via round 1st submission on Golden Warrior, extending his undefeated streak. Things have always looked bright for the 23-year-old prospect and it seems that no one can stop him from winning. If you have seen his recent Facebook post, his accolades are outstanding.


Looking back at his match on Golden Warrior, Shem wasted no time in pushing his opponent to the cage and securing a takedown. While his opponent scrambles for position on the ground, Shem punched his opponent face, forcing him into a turtle position as Shem seamlessly take his back and started working for the rear naked choke and finished it in no time. 


Shaqueme shared with us his secrets of success stating that this is not just a hobby and that he has always wanted to be a professional athlete.


"Since the day I started, I haven't taken a holiday or more than a few days off in a row. Outside the gym I don't have any friends here in Malaysia so I'm not wasting my time doing pointless shit, I train eat sleep them come back to train again 2 to 3 times a day , I'm constantly being pushed to be better every day and I feel like I improve every day and that's thanks to all my coaches and training partners" - Shaqueme Rock


While Shaqueme "rocked" the pro circuit, Brandon Tang is closing on the amateur flyweight title belt on MIMMA 5. With only 4 fights left, Brandon is neck on neck level on points and is joint 1st position in the league. Brandon recently defeated Muhammad Faizal via unanimous decision extending his winning streak to 3 and accumulating a total of 12 points. The 23-year-old born and bred Malaysian is currently the 11th ranked South East Asian amateur flyweight with a record of 3 wins and 1 loss.

Agilan returns in winning ways at One Championship: Quest For Greatness securing a takedown after an early exchange in round 1. Back up, then back down again they went with Agilan always on top. His opponent would survive a combination of ground and pound and submission attempts, alternating between covering up and clinging on to Agilan. 


Round three saw a jumping knee by Thani followed up with a huge slam that planted Mohamed on his back, maintaining control throughout. In North-South he landed a big knee to the head of his foe, followed by another knee while in side control. Ultimately, the fight belonged to Agilan Thani who controlled his opponent from start to finish.


But all those wins could not have been possible without our beloved 3rd-degree black belt, Professor Bruninho who not only played a significant role in achieving the victories for our athletes but also capturing a gold medal for himself in Japan. 

In Tokyo, Professor Bruninho defended well from armbar and leglocks attempt as he kept on working towards side control but his opponent was equally adept in defense, constantly trying to find positions to attack from his back. He finally got a full mount from a failed armbar attempt, leading on points. 


The professor tried an armbar when the bout was restarted in the middle of the mat and was forced back to side control. He once again worked for a mount with the knee on belly and found success. 


His opponent looked tired late in the round giving his back but seemed to play possum as he scrambled to take the professor's back while defending a choke attempt. His opponent held on to a very deep armbar but didn't manage to finish at the sound of the bell. Too little too late for his opponent as Professor Bruninho dominance in the early rounds earned him his gold medal.


His students are never shy to speak of their admiration for him and this time he displays leadership by example. 


But it's not as easy as it seems, according to the professor. Balancing coaching and training for competition is tricky but he assures that he will always do his best, even extending his relationship from being more than a coach and tries to fit in the role of a friend or a father whenever he sees fit.


"It’s not easy. I do my best and I try to focus more on developing my techniques when I have the opportunity to roll with my students. I can’t roll with them always because the classes are very big. I teach Jiu-Jitsu to over 70 people from Monday to Saturday. In some classes, I have over 40 students, so I have to take care of them properly." - Professor Bruninho Barbosa


We had another instructor walking the talk with a fight of the night performance in the bag MMC One City Mall. Decorated Muay Thai fighter and  Monarchy's Muay Thai Instructor Conrado Furlan displayed pure dominance with non-stop combinations everytime his opponent is within range. 


He mixed his kicks, punches, and knees to precisely to perfection using angles with beautiful footwork that is only seen at the highest levels of Muay Thai. His opponent never looked like he had a chance of winning, seems to heavily rely on his superman punch which Conrado saw coming from a mile away and with that, our instructor adds a W to his already long winning column list. 



Dumau ASJJF Asian Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament 2017


Middleweight - White Belt - Gi


Nicolas Moncalis - Gold - Gi


Light Featherweight - Blue Belt - Gi


Adrian Kho - Silver


Lightweight - Blue Belt - Gi


Shaqueme Rock - Gold


Openweight - Blue Belt - Gi


Shaqueme Rock - Gold


Featherweight - White Belt - Gi


Lii Yew - Silver

Rusyan Sopian - Bronze


Middleweight - White Belt - Gi


Bjoern Henseler - Gold

Nazmy Salamat - Bronze


Openweight - White Belt - Gi


Bjoern Henseler - Bronze


Female Featherweight - White Belt - Gi


Cassandra Poyong - Gold


Female Middleweight - Blue Belt - Gi


Syaheenaz Abdul halim - Bronze


Female Light Featherweight - White Belt - Gi


Natalie Cheng - Bronze


Featherweight - White Belt - No Gi


Christopher On - Silver


Middleweight - White Belt - No Gi


Nicolas Moncalis  - Gold


Light Featherweight - Blue Belt - No Gi


Adrian Kho - Bronze


Lightweight - Blue Belt - No Gi


Shaqueme Rock  - Gold


Openweight - Blue Belt - No Gi


Shaqueme Rock - Gold


Light Featherweight - White Belt - No Gi


Eddie Ng - Gold


Medium Heavyweight - White Belt - No Gi


Bjoern Henseler - Silver


Openweight - White Belt - No Gi 


Bjoern Henseler - Silver


Lightweight - Blue Belt - No Gi


Raimy Mohamad - Gold


Female Light Featherweight - White Belt - No Gi


Natalie Cheng  - Bronze





Featherweight - Black Belt

Professor Bruninho Barbosa - Gold




Agilan Thani defeats Sherif Mohamed via unanimous decision


Golden Warriors

Mehdi Bagheri defeats Nosherwan Khazanda via unanimous decision


Shaqueme Rock defeats Ernest Tang via round 1 submission



Borneo Battle Arena Super 8 Muaythai 60kg

Shah - Champion



Brandon Tang defeated Muhammad Faisal via unanimous decision



Singapore Fighting Championship

Ai Jin defeated Rungnapa Keawkarchang



  • MMC - One city mall

Conlardo Furlan - Winner and Fight of the night Honours



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