Meet the champs; Monarchy MMA wins Copa Da Malasia Grappling V

Martial Arts Gym in Kuala Lumpur takes trophy home for the third time
Final team performance: 25 Gold, 12 silver & 10 bronze medals

Final team performance: 25 Gold, 12 silver & 10 bronze medals

Teachers, students, business owners, bankers, doctors, designers, journalists, sales people… and champions!

Monarchy MMA has won the 5th edition of Copa da Malasia Grappling, the largest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament in Malaysia. During the 18th and 19th of March, nearly 300 amateur practitioners from different gyms from in and outside Malaysia took part in the competition in Jaya Shopping Center. Monarchy alone had 58 participants to test their skills against other opponents.

On Saturday, Monarchy achieved the best results on the Gi (kimono) performances and secured the first trophy. The good results were replicated on Sunday in the No-Gi combats and, for the third consecutive time, Monarchy MMA was the overall champions of Copa da Malásia.

Bruninho Barbosa with Female champions Cassandra, Colleen and Aijin Lee

Tracking progress through amateur competitions has been a way 3rd degree black belt from Brazil Bruninho Barbosa, from Monarchy MMA, has encountered to help students develop not only their physical and tactical skills, but also strengthen their minds.  

“Jiu-Jitsu is more than a sport, it is a lifestyle. For many, this may seem like just a competition. But for me, I am supporting my students to be stronger in life. In order to step on the mat they have to learn how to deal with fear, anxiety, they have to push themselves to the limit. As a result, they become resilient people and that reflects on their daily lives”, says Bruninho.

He also stresses that the results from now are consequence of two years of constant work, where students are encouraged to daily overcome their limits.

“I don’t separate the class by belts, levels or age. There is no such a thing as weak, strong, short tall. We learn from each other strengths and weaknesses and that creates this unity feeling that takes us to the next level. The results speak for itself. Classes are packed, the gym – which is also my family – doesn’t stop growing”, he adds.

Preparation is hard, but competition day is not to be forgotten.

When Timo stepped on the mat, a small but loud chorus got the crowd’s attention in Jaya Mall. “Daddy, dadyy, daddy”, they said. In the distinct audience were Timo’s kids, 6, 5 and 4 years old, who also practice BJJ under Monarchy MMA kids BJJ training program. Daddy, 40 years old, went home with four medals and a proud family.

Timo and his biggest supporters – his kids, part of Monarchy BJJ Kids Program

Timo, 40 years old, in his first BJJ competition

Law student Cassandra J Poyong, 28, started practicing BJJ two years ago with no particular pretention. She went home after Copa da Malasia V with four golden medals – Gi and no-Gi, her own category and absolute. She could barely believe her own achievements. And she became an internet meme.

“This is just the beginning for me. I am happy I won but I won let my guard down, I’ll train more and my goal is to compete in international competitions”, says Cassandra.

It looks live we’ve created a monster!

“Competition has a very powerful influence in people’s lives. The adrenaline rush makes you – and whoever comes to watch you; wives, husbands, friends, kids - feel alive, and there is nothing better than that, finishes Bruninho.

Feeling alive. Isn’t it all we are looking for?

Monarchy MMA is proud of every member that stepped on the mats. Facing your fears and getting out of your comfort zone is the ultimate victory. Thanks to you and to our tireless professor Bruno Barbosa. You are all champions! And cheers to Copa da Malaysia organizers. It is great to see the event growing and becoming relevant in the Asian Martial Arts scene. Oss!