Ludovic Parreira No Gi Seminar

Sunday 20th October

Ludovic Parreira is no stranger to Monarchy MMA or Grappling. He visited us in 2014 and again in 2016 for a No Gi and Luta Livre seminar. Now, he is back! Parreira is a No Gi BJJ pioneer in the south of France. He is Head coach at the GP Sports Miramas Gym in Miramas, France which he also founded in 2008. He is also an avid Vipassana yoga practitioner and loves animals - one of the reasons why he is a vegan (since 2012!). 



He learned and acquired his skills from Luta Livre master technician Roberto Leitao, one of the greatest minds behind the development of Luta Livre. Luta Livre is a skilled combination of catch wrestling and judo with the utilization of grappling submission techniques. It’s techniques implemented use leverage rather than brute force, similar to BJJ. So mark you calendar for 20th October, Sunday for your chance to learn from the highly skilled no gi specialist, Ludovic Parreira! 

He will be starting off the No Gi seminar for Kids at 3PM - 4:15PM

What parents can expect from the seminar:

  • General warmups
  • Solo motor exercises
  • Drills In pairs
  • Grappling teachniques
  • Group games
  • Warm downs and briefing



It’s always important to get the body warmed up and muscles stretched out to avoid getting hurt. 

Learning no gi, Jiujitsu or even martial arts in general requires children to execute specific techniques. By doing exercises meant to develop motor skills, it gives enhances their understanding of balance, strength and coordination. It also makes them more aware of their body. While learning techniques or practicing drills, most of the time it requires students to be paired off so they can practice on each other. It’s also important to be careful while drilling with another person so they are not hurt. Children will learn it is important to take care of your partner while drilling. 

While teaching techniques can be a rather serious matter, children learn easier and faster in a nurtured environment. We hope the kids will find learning grappling techniques to be as fun as when they do Jiujitsu! There will be a warm down session and a briefing with the children before the session ends. 

The next session, No Gi for adults will start 4:15PM - 6PM.

What can you expect from his seminar?

Rubberguard variations;

  • Half Guard Lockdown, sweeps and combinations
  • Half Butterfly, sweep and submissions
  • Full Guard sweeps and submissions



He will be teaching various techniques sweeps, combinations and submissions from the rather unorthodox rubberguard. If you are unfamiliar with the rubberguard, it is a technique used to control your opponent’s posture effectively with one arm and one leg, as opposed to the closed guard where you would have to first, open your guard before transitioning into another position. That creates an opportunity for your opponent to make and advance. The rubberguard has its use especially in MMA but does require a degree of flexibility.

Ludovic will also be giving out some pointers on how you can move into various transitions from the rubberguard like the half guard lockdown. The half guard lockdown position creates tremendous pressure on the calf while preventing your opponent from kicking out or stepping over. Another variation is the half butterfly - one best hybrid guards that can be used to stop many of the popular half guard passes such as the knee slice, and the underhook and cross face pass. Lastly, but only due to time constraint, pick up some pointers from Ludovic moving into the traditional full guard including sweeps and combinations that may derive from this transition.

With Copa Da Malasia just around the corner, this is a good opportunity to get in some extra training time, acquire and brush up on techniques as well as learn from the very skilled Ludovic Parreira. This seminar is free for Monarchy members!  



Ludovic Parreira No Gi Seminar

Free For Monarchy Members

Bangsar branch

20th October 2019

No Gi Kids seminar 3PM - 4:15PM

No Gi Adults seminar 4:15PM 6PM


Parreira’s Achievements include: 

  • 1st Pan Am No Gi
  • 1st Open Madrid
  • 1st Open Rome
  • 2nd European Gi
  • 2x 2nd World No Gi 
  • 2x 2nd European No Gi 
  • MMA Veteran