Luan Chileno

Muay Thai Seminar

Luan Chileno will be instructing a Muay Thai Seminar on the 29th of November at our City Centre branch. Luan is a Brazilian based in Thailand and fights out of Tiger Muay Thai, Phuket. He’s been going back and forth since 2016 to train and compete in Muay Thai. It all started when he was 16 years old.

When did you start learning Muay Thai?

I started Muay Thai when I was 16 years old in Brazil because I have been coming to Thailand since 2016, but for a short time, training and competing, this year 2019 I decided to go to phuket to focus more on my dream and my career. 


Why did you start learning Muay Thai?

I always liked martial arts and because I was very shy I wanted to know how to defend myself, what I did not know is that Muay Thai would change my life just as it changes many people and today at 29, I can make a living off Muay Thai and that has always been my dream.


Tell us about your fight career.

In muaythai I have 25 fights to my name and I am a 4x World Champion World Muay Thai Organization in Bangkok in the + 91kg category.



What draws you to martial arts?

What I like is not just Muay Thai, but all martial arts, because neither is better than the other. Instead, one completes the other and all have much discipline and respect and teach you how to overcome your fears by controlling your mind, martial art strengthens  your physical, mental and spiritual body.


How would you describe your Muay Thai style?

My style is more focused on movements and varying applications of transitions rather than traditional muay thai. It looks more like kickboxing but with elbows and i really like clinch and its transitions.


What can we expect from your seminar?

You can expect to learn several Muay Thai combinations; from clinch transitions to takedowns used in both attacks & counters. 

Also, I will be teaching methods of breath control for different scenarios. From constant, to explosive, isolated & for combos.


Often, the breathing aspect is forgotten. Is this something you had to learn on your own?

Yes I intend to talk and teach about breathing which is something I have learned by myself and many athletes and coaches do not teach or do not know just do without intention, it seems simple and easy but in fact it is not, and this is very important for the  performance in training and especially in fighting.


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