GREEN LIFE IN KL: Monarchy MMA meets

New online eco-directory can help you live a more harmonious life in Kuala Lumpur, or how to vote green every day.

Recently our team got invited to attend the launch of a new online health and sustainability directory that offers 500+ business listings ! It has everything that an eco-minded consumer might need: you can find and rate groceries, cafes, massage and healing practices, beauty shops, fitness outlets and even find eco-transport options in your regions (hint: ever heard of carpooling?). The thought behind the website is consumers’ ability to vote with their money and support businesses that operate in an ethical way and promote a more sustainable lifestyle. The website features health and wellness tips, retreat and cafe reviews , recommendations on how to grow your own greens or where to get yoga pants made of recycled plastic bottles.

Over a hundred guests attended the launch of Sickbubble at The Co. Bangsar in order to learn more about the project. The Monarchy MMA team included Peter Davis and Samir Mrabet, who were on hand to show guests some muaythai and mma moves, and speak about mental, as well as physical benefits that martial arts bring to people’s lives.

And what’s in the name? The founders think that it is time to burst a bubble of consumerism that has been surrounding us for decades and make a shift to sustainable consumption.