Germain Yeap: from banking career to living the martial arts dream

Meet Monarchy's wonder woman

Germaine Yeap is no joke! If you are from Malaysia, chances are high that you’ve seen or heard of her before. Besides being a Muay Thai fighter and instructor at Monarchy MMA, she’s the queen of pranks.

In the most famous, from Maxman TV, she enters a Muay Thai gym playing the nerdy unsporty girl and ends up beating up every single trainer that attempts to fight her. The video has had over 25 million views and if you haven’t seen it yet take a look!

After the video, Germaine was featured in some of the largest news websites worldwide.

Besides the sports, Germaine has been working as a fitness model and actress. And as if it was not enough, she is also an advocate of women empowerment. We had a chat with Germaine to know a little bit more about her dreams and goals.

Monarchy: Germaine, the pranks, more than the entertaining aspect, they reflect one of the causes that you seem to be actively engaged in, which is women empowerment. What do you want people to know and what message do you want to pass through this kind of video?

Germaine: As I get involved in martial arts over the years, I learnt that I have benefited from such rewarding aspects and experiences that I would like to share with people who have yet to discover it. Martial arts enhances self-development from promoting healthier lifestyle through fitness, coordination and teaches us to take calculated risks and leverage on our strengths to overcome tough challenges. The social aspect also helps bring different communities together which promotes tolerance towards different cultures. More so I would like to create awareness for women to understand that martial arts shall always be an option for them at any age and size. The nature of training embeds strong discipline and commitment in students to challenge their capabilities for higher achievement.

Monarchy: Besides being a professional Muay Thai fighter, you also had a career in banking, which you have put on hold in order to dedicate full time to sports. How has this transition been and what was behind this need for a change?

Germaine: I have previously worked in the banking industry whilst pursuing professional Muay Thai fighting. The work and the preparation for fighting took a toll on my health hence I ended up making a change by exiting my career in banking to pursue my passion as I felt I could express myself through martial arts. The transition of moving from a structured office work environment to a field of arts and combat sports have been truly a challenging experience and that is why I am enjoying it so much!

Monarchy: How has it been for you to work at Monarchy MMA?

Monarchy MMA has provided me with such a flexible environment which enables me to prepare and execute my plans and goals. The community within the gym (staff and students) are ever so supportive in what I do and I am truly inspired by many of them for their qualities. It feels like a real family environment and I love it!

Germain trains Muay Thai at Monarchy MMA

Monarchy: As a trainer, what are your main goals?

Germaine: I hope to provide my students with a professional training experience through knowledge gained over my own training and making it fun at the same time to work towards their target goals (such as weight loss, technique, fitness, building self-confidence, etc.)

Germaine during a photoshoot

Monarchy: Do you still plan to fight Muay Thai professionally?

Germaine: As of late, I have paused my professional fighting career and I’m gradually transitioning into martial arts entertainment as a martial arts/action actress. Let’s see how that goes.