Fight prep: remember Monarchy’s Agilan Thani and Ben Askren battle on social media

Let’s be honest, we all love it when it escalates!

This is how we have been following the tension escalating between Monarchy’s Agilan Thani and ONE Championship welterweight titleholder Ben Askren in the last couple of months.

It all started when Thani maintained his unbeaten record after the 7th victory during ONE: Throne of Tiger, in Kuala Lumpur. To the commentator, he requested a shot for the welterweight title – and noted he was willing to do it for free. On the social media, fans of Thani started offering support to sponsor his fight. Ben Askren heard the alligator’s call and let’s recap what came next:

Tweet 1
“all of his 38 followers” – he’s got a point there.


Tweet 2
After giving some thought, Askren decided to take up the challenge. Call the boss.

Tweet 3
Agilan came up with some truth.

And they kept on going… tweet 4

And going… tweet 5

Tweet 6

Big boss was still not convinced, until Askren pushed once again.

Tweet 7

No cuddle fest here bro!

Tweet 8

“Prom queen” 

It seemed they would not give up until they’d get it. And they finally did. “One: Dynasty of Heroes” will have Ben Askren defending his welterweight title against Agilan Thani on May 26th at Singapore Indoor Stadium.

We are looking forward to a great fight. May the best (Agilan) win!

PS: sorry, in this case we have to pick a side! :P

Want to know more about Agilan? We have selected some of his videos for you to start getting into the fight mode. Monarchy MMA in Kuala Lumpur is proud to see the chubby boy who entered the gym five years ago have his life changed and turn into a strong and tireless fighter.