DUMAU Asian Open

Monarchy MMA will be looking for victories at the ASJJF ASIAN OPEN GI and NO-GI TOURNAMENTS 2017


Brazilian Jiujitsu class every Friday Night together with Professor Bruninho


Monarchy MMA will be looking for victories at the ASJJF ASIAN OPEN GI and NO-GI TOURNAMENTS 2017

The premiere Asian Brazillian Jiujitsu tournament is kicking off this weekend in Singapore and Monarchy MMA has registered their best grapplers for the chance to claim the honour of being the best Jiujitsu practitioner in Asia. Dumau, ASJJF Asian Open Gi and No Gi tournaments that will stretch for two days, organised by Grapple Asia will take place at the Aperia Mall, Kallang Avenue Singapore on Saturday, September 23, 2017 and Sunday, September 24, 2017.

Dumau has attracted the best of the best within the region with attendance from the best gyms in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia consisting of participants from across the globe. The tournament will be stipulated under the ASJJF - Asian Sport Jiu-Jitsu Federation rules which are available for reference online on their website.

Monarchy has registered four of their best grapplers for this tournament, which includes Copa da Malasia champions, Cassandra White and Shaqueme Rock who will be looking to add more to their medal collection this weekend. Check out their profiles below,


Professor Bruninho with Cassandra cheering for her victory with 4 Gold Medal she brought back from Copa Da Malasia 5

Cassandra J Poyong

Age: 28

Belt - White


Malaysian Cup 5 weight and absolute champion

Cassandra proceed to do her revision for her law exams whilst waiting for the next BJJ Class


Law student Cassandra J Poyong, 28, started practicing BJJ only a few years ago and found it by accident while looking for a fitness gym. Her short stint in BJJ has bagged her four gold medals with both the Gi and no-Gi in her own category and the absolute category at Copa da Malasia V. Cassandra has no preference between the gi or the no gi competitions as she wants to be the best in both.

She participated in the in the IBJJF Japan tournament earlier but didn't really come home empty handed, as she will be taking the knowledge and experience gained to the tournament in Singapore. Her venture in Japan has taught her to be the very best from the beginning, plan her moves carefully and not rush to a destination. 


The upcoming tournament would be a much tougher task for Cassandra when she faces six other featherweights in the white belt category. Her opponents are not a walk in the park and they are hailing from the best gyms in Singapore. In fact, she is the only Malaysian in her category and all six of her opponents are Singaporeans!


Casandra will be representing us and her country this weekend under the guidance and tutelage of our 3rd-degree black belt from Brazil, Bruninho Barbosa who she regards as her BJJ hero and she is already setting her sights on standing at the podium with the gold.

Cassandra is doing an armbar technique to have her opponent tapped out during Copa Da Malasia


Shaqueme Rock 

Age : 23

Belt - Blue 


JB OPEN Champion 

Copa da Malasia 6 weight and absolute Champion

Shaqueme raising his arm in the air after winning the Pro MMA tittle in Golden Warrior Fight Championship in Penang on the 9th of September 2017


23-year-old Shaqueme Rock is no stranger to the combat scene in South East Asia. He has been making a name for himself with impressive wins in his MMA career and is undoubtedly one of the brightest potentials rising up from the Monarchy Academy. , 


The MIMMA foreign pride champion has transitioned smoothly from amateur to professional MMA and has maintained his undefeated record, recently defeating Ernest Tang this early this month with a 1st round submission choke victory on Golden Warriors FC.


Shaqueme does not only "rock" the cage but he has rocked the mats as well claiming the Copa Da Malaysia 5 absolute and weight category and the Johor Bahru open champion. All eyes will be on Shem this weekend as he has been drafted into a very tough blue belt category in the lightweight division.


Adrian Koh and Nazmy Salamat will also be looking to claim victory this weekend in the blue belt light featherweight category and white belt lightweight category respectively.


Shaqueme is passing guard from half guard to claim his victory by having his opponent tapped out during Copa Da Malasia No-Gi match

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