Conditioning For Martial Arts

Lifting Is Not Just For BodyBuilding

At Monarchy MMA, we offer a complete range of different approaches from martial arts to strength and conditioning to help people attain their goals. Whether it is a healthier lifestyle for the casual gym goers, fitness junkie to the competitive stresses of competition, we believe in offering a complete range of approaches to help you reach the next level.

With that being said, our focus in this article is explaining the benefits of our customized strength and conditioning program.


1. Prevention of Injury

One of the most important reasons to follow a strength and conditioning is a prophylactic measure against injury. A well-designed strength and conditioning program will build strength in muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments as well as addressing issues of flexibility and strength deficiencies which not only allows you to go faster, harder and better but also prevent serious injuries as the building blocks of our body has been built with a strong foundation.

2. Performance Enhancement 

From daily specific movements of our everyday lives to the sport specific mechanics of competition, a good strength and conditioning program allows for development of speed, agility, endurance and explosiveness which will translate into better overall performance across the board, whether it is for competition or your daily life.

3. Better Health, Longer Life

It has been scientifically proven that those who exercise regularly live longer and healthier lives due to prevention of ailments regular exercise provides. Regular weight bearing exercises and strengthening help develop a stronger musculoskeletal system which may help in the prevention of ailments such as osteoporosis. This allows exercise to be executed safely and with a lower risk of serious injury.

4. Endorphin Release Equates to Elevated Moods 

During an effective exercise routine, our body releases endorphins, the principal function of endorphins is to inhibit the communication of pain signals. These endorphins may also produce a feeling of euphoria. As you exercise, the endorphins flow and you may notice your mood is elevated and may allow you to deal with stressful scenarios easier.



5. Better Posture 

A well curated strength and conditioning class will help train your muscles thus allowing you to hold your body upright in a safer manner. A by product of better posture is the appearance of looking taller, stronger and confident as opposed to looking hunched over and weak. Many athletes as well as regular practitioners of exercise exude confidence just by their presence alone!

On occasion our martial arts classes emphasize on strength and conditioning to start off the class. We have dedicated strength & conditioning sessions throughout the week at each of our branches. Be sure to join the sessions to get your endurance, strength and agility up! We highly recommend it to our beginners!