Benefits of Ashtanga Yoga

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There are various styles of yoga. Essentially, Yoga movements are synchronized with breath and rapid flow through sun salutations. Our newest health and wellness partner; Mysore Room has been adopting traditional Ashtanga Yoga for numerous years and provide classes in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city. Their classes are conducted by Yan Ong & Manuel Ferreira, both of whom are Level 2 Authorised teachers of the Sri K Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute (KPJAYI).

Manuel Ferreira has been teaching Ashtanga Yoga in its purest form for 15 years while Yan Ong dedicated 4 years at the Sri K Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute (KPJAYI) and moved on to teaching traditional Ashtanga Yoga program Yan taught Ashtanga Yoga classes and workshops in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Brunei. Ashtanga Yoga is the yoga of 8 limbs and one of the few existing yoga traditions kept alive by a strict lineage of teachings passed down thru history. There are so many benefits that come to mind when practicing Yoga, specifically Ashtanga Yoga. It helps with core endurance  which includes the abdominals, pelvic floor, lower back, hips and glutes. This particularly helps athletes with foundations of all movement. Core endurance is also commonly associated with resolving lower back pain.

The movements in Yoga targets the three major muscle groups where most people are lacking flexibility; hamstrings, hips and shoulders. The major misconception is that you need to already be flexible in order to learn yoga movements. However, throughout the course, your muscles and hamstrings will adjust to the movements and stretches thus, enhancing flexibility.

In addition to these benefits, Ashtanga Yoga also concentrates on the art of breathing. Breathing is the body’s way of releasing those toxins and purifying its systems. When we don’t take deep breaths, the body is less efficient at releasing toxins. This makes the other systems in the body overloaded as they work to detoxify the blood, often leading to illnesses. When you inhale and exhale deeply, the body releases carbon dioxide, and along with it many toxins. On a daily basis we are so preoccupied with our lives that we forget the simplest thing; taking deep breaths. Yoga practice, integrates focus on breath during slow movements as well as while maintaining yoga positions. Awareness of breath helps manage emotional disturbances and makes the body’s energy free flowing thus creating a calming effect.

At Monarchy MMA, we have several martial arts classes available for fitness, self defense and at competition level. We even fight teams. Learning martial arts is challenging physically, mentally and even emotionally. Putting your body through rough and tough actions can be taxing especially balancing work and studies which is what most of our students go through. We condition our mind and body to put up with the drills, techniques and sparring. For our fighters, it is a different set of challenges altogether. We constantly want to improve, level up and get that win. We often forget that it is alright to take a step back to recuperate and recover from everything we put our body and mind through. Hence why, we are working together with Mysore to help our students and fighters overcome overwhelming instances and injury recovery.

“A passionate martial artist wants to train as much as they can, unfortunately the body has its limitation. recovery shouldn’t be passive, it should be active. Ashtanga yoga will push that training volume limitation further and increase the quality of you martial training. Give it a month, 3 times a week, you will see the changes," Samir Mrabet.

Samir Mrabet is the founder and owner of Monarchy MMA, One Championship MMA Fighter and Brazilian Jiujitsu black belt and has been a Yoga practitioner since 2010.

Mysore Room classes are available to new beginners as well as the seasoned practitioner and even have private sessions available. Monarchy MMA members are eligible for a special discounted pass! Contact them directly to find out more about their classes and packages!


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