Aung La Nsang MMA Seminar

This 1st of December, Aung La Nsang will be coming by Monarchy MMA for an MMA seminar! Aung La is a very well rounded MMA fighter. With more than 30 fights to his record, half his wins come by TKO and Submissions. He is currently one of the biggest names in One Championship with a 7 streak win. In 2017, he defeated Middleweight World Champion Vitaly Bigdash in Myanmar and became their first ever world champion in sports (in Myanmar). 

The following year, fought in the Light Heavyweight division where he defeated Alexandre Machado and claimed the title. In the same year, he defended his title against Japan’s Ken Hasegawa and this fight was dubbed one of the best bouts in the history of One Championship. Just last month in Japan, Aung La defeated Brandon Vera in the second round via TKO. 

Stylistically, he fancies kicks over punches, often using the right and left high kick very often in fights. He has a wicked right hand and favors walking down his opponents. For the most part, he also is creative with his strikes, throwing spinning attacks such as spinning elbows and spinning heel kicks. He also often uses alot of cage maneuvering to get back up to keep the fight standing. Defensively he attacks off his back only if he is put in that situation, favouring guillotines. 


This 1st Dec, Aung La will be sharing with us, years of fined tuned martial arts knowledge and fight experiences! BOOK YOUR SLOT NOW!

In addition, we have decided to make this a meaningful week by organising a charity week together with Aung La who is from Myanmar. We have been making numerous donations since 2016 to an orphanage that is home to Myanmar children including one of our students. This also includes gloves and gis for all of them to be able to practice martial arts.

This time, we will be donating a metal structure and a new filled up boxing bag. During these seminars, we will be accepting cash donations to purchase puzzle mats for the orphanage as well. We hope that through this giving, they will be able to learn and not only practice martial arts, but its core values as well.

What you can expect from this seminar: 

  • Takedown set ups with strikes
  • Fighting concepts
  • Finish a fight
  • Dutch drills for MMA
  • Defensive wrestling into strikes

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from one of the  biggest names in MMA, Aung La Nsang!